Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Open Letter to People Bitching About Other People's Groceries

 Not a week goes by in my little village without some dissatisfied citizens complaining in some local paper about what they saw in the grocery cart of a person that used Food Stamps/EBT cards. They rail on and on about how those people should get jobs and are screwing the system etc., and it's all based on their dislike of what they saw perched in the grocery cart.
 One person is upset because there were sodas and snack foods, another is upset because an EBT user bought lobster tails or other expensive fare. I have something to say to you folks:


 You don't know these people you're judging. So why are you looking into their carts? Why are you creating ironclad opinions about their character based on what you see in that basket?

 It's rude to look into somebody else's grocery basket that hard. It's very rude to actively eavesdrop on how someone pays for their purchases, and it's moral idiocy to think that you know and understand them enough to make an instantly sound character assessment based on your ill-gotten information.

 Rudeness and stupidity aren't a good place to make moral judgements from. The fact that you pay taxes doesn't make you morally superior to everyone else, it makes you lucky you have the werewithal to do so.

 The fact that you pay the required taxes on your income in your country does not give you the right to decide what other people eat, no matter where their food dollars come from.

 Your taxes and mine pay for a helluva lot of things besides food stamps. Save your breath from bitching at your neighbors and try putting a little energy into finding out where most of the cash really goes. The money spent on helping people buy food is nothing to the money that is spent on patently evil practices. And unlike what your neighbors choose to munch on, that is your business, and mine, and ours.

 Most Sincerely,

   The Angry Fish


Kathryn Magendie said...

I do agree - not my business! In fact, I have never even noticed how people pay for their groceries - maybe because I'm off in la la land half the time, maybe because I rarely shop for groceries, doesn't matter - it's not my business and I don't like to judge others.

I've been hungry and I've been without -I've never been on foodstamps, but I know when you do without, sometimes you just want something normal - you just want to feel good and normal - you just want something everyone else has. You just want a bag o chips without feeling guilty for it!

heavy hedonist said...

Kathryn-- I've been on several sides of the food finance issue myself, and you're right... however stoic a person is, there comes a need to let the purse strings loosen a bit, here and there. And we all deserve a treat sometimes.

Jennifer E. McFadden said...

I wish people would stop judging other people by what they think is right and worry about their own lives. If they are so interested in what this food stamp shopper bought, why don't they offer to help?

Because these people live to complain, if it isn't the items in the grocery cart, they will find something else!

I try to imagine what it would be like if I was that person shopping with Food Stamps since I have never used them...

heavy hedonist said...

@Jennifer-- you're right, no doubt. There's always another way for those so inclined to spread bad energy.